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What Is Smart Home Technology?

What if all the devices in your life could connect to the internet? Not just computers and smartphones, but everything: clocks, speakers, lights, door bells, cameras, windows, window blinds, hot water heaters, appliances, cooking utensils, you name it. And what if those devices could all communicate, send you information, and take your commands? It's not science fiction; it's the Internet of Things (IoT), and it's a key component of home automation and smart homes.

Smart Home Hubs and Controllers

Smart devices are electronic devices equipped with wireless protocols that allow them to be controlled and activated by voice command, or more commonly, through mobile app technology that can be accessed through a smartphone or tablet.

Smart Home Surveillance Cameras

Wouldn't it be great to know what's happening at home, anytime, from anywhere? It's easy to do with a smart video camera. Just take out your phone, open your app, and you have an instant view of activity inside or outside your home.

Smart Locks and Home Security Systems

While lock technology has always evolved, only recently did it become smart enough to ditch those keys altogether. Thanks to smart home security technology, we can now enjoy keyless convenience with better awareness and control of who enters our homes.

Smart Heating and Cooling

Smart temperature-control devices — such as thermostats that learn and adjust to pre-programmed temperatures — are poised to increase comfort and save energy in homes.

Smart Lighting

When we talk about a smart light bulb, we’re referring to an internet-capable LED light bulb that allows lighting to be customized, scheduled and controlled remotely using a smart phone, tablet, or smart home automation system via an app. The app enables you to change the brightness of the bulbs, and if the bulbs have colored LEDs you can change their colors, too.

Smart Home Show

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Business & Home Security Installations

18 September 2020

Advanced Digital Security System Installations


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Coming in December, the Asus ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 is a tri-band gaming router that can send and receive signals in the newly opened 6GHz band.

Just before the coronavirus crisis, CNET went to India to learn about a tiny startup trying to reinvent public health and sanitation.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with all this compost.

Items from microwaves to charging cables have been catching fire, melting or exploding, according to a CNN investigation. Amazon counters that its products meet current safety standards.

We're still testing it, but the Asus RT-AX86U looks like one of the best routers you can buy right now.

Braumm's Outdoor Smart Plug works with Google and Alexa, but there are better options out there.

Amazon Echos are even smarter with friends.

We tested a bunch of french press coffee makers from Bodum, Oxo, Frieling, Kona, Veken and others to see which is the best.

Keep your wallet full while you add smart devices to your house.

We line up the hardware, software and privacy of each smart speaker for comparison.

The invisible light can kill viruses and pathogens like the one that causes COVID-19, but experts are raising alarms about the potential safety risks.

Sharp's fairly spacious 1,100-watt stainless steel carousel countertop microwave is now $120 for a limited time.

Preorders for Samsung's newest foldable also start that day.

Forget the usual areas in your home for Alexa and place it in your room, instead.

Get power anywhere with a battery-powered mini generator.

The new Oxo Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker is sleek, compact, and brings an excellent cup of coffee. At around $170, it's our new Editors' Choice for drip coffee makers.

From the makers of the Instant Pot comes a coffee maker that brews both K-Cup and Nespresso pod coffee for convenience, speed and flexibility.

The new Samsung WW9800T washing machine will use AI to pick the right laundry cycles for you.

The smart display can help you check out or request towels with a voice command.

From high-end Olights to super-affordable Rayovacs, these are the best flashlights for disaster preparedness, camping or just fumbling around in a dark room.

Google Assistant is a capable helper, but adjusting these settings will protect your privacy and put you in control.

The LG WashTower will attack laundry loads as a combined, smart washer and dryer system.

You only need three ingredients.

Google's human-review program is back up and running, but this time you have more than the power to say no.

The ceiling fan uses UV lights to kill up to 99.9% of a room's airborne pathogens in minutes. It's now being tested against the virus that causes COVID-19.

From protecting privacy to making Alexa more efficient, here are some ways to improve your Amazon voice assistant.

If your office chair is causing you pain, it might be time for an upgrade.

Put the credit card down! (Virtually speaking, of course.) There's a good chance that product is about to go on sale.

From fun games to smart home control, these skills are my favorites.

Maybe I'm just tired of staring at my walls, but these futuristic LED light panels have never looked better.

After several delays, the smart home startup's $4.99 monthly service starts Monday.

It's a battery-powered, weatherproof version of the indoor Wyze Cam.

Google home can translate on the fly, look up definitions and even help you win at Scrabble.

Voice assistants are advancing quickly -- and in the process may change us. Should we try to do anything about it?

Amazon says it's adding 31 new features to Alexa, but we're particularly excited about these three.

Folks, it looks like we've finally hit peak "slap a touchscreen on it" in appliance design.

From Solo Stove and Tiki, to Kingso and Garden Treasures, we put popular fire pits to the test to find out which is best.

The Oxo Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker outdoes the Bonavita Connoisseur, and at a lower price.

Amazon hasn't revealed any major new Alexa-powered hardware this year, but today's Alexa Live developer conference gives insights into its voice-centric priorities moving forward.

Google has a new Nest smart speaker on the way. Here's everything we know so far and what I want from the product to make me excited about smart speakers again.

You can now buy the Oxo Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker, Oxo's challenger to the Bonavita Connoisseur.

Samsung's Life Unstoppable will take place online, and will also showcase more mobile devices.

Amazon's grocery-scanning shopping assistant will no longer be supported.

The Alexagate device jams your Echo's microphone.

Yes, this is the next Google Nest smart speaker, and its looks may be surprising.

Better, faster Wi-Fi is here, but you'll need new devices in order to take advantage. Here are your top options.

You can create custom commands and responses using Google Home routines.

From stopping COVID to clearing the air after wildfires, experts weigh in on the practical value of air cleaners.

You can now access your Amazon Echo without touching your phone when you're away from your speaker.

From Molekule to Honeywell, we take a closer look at the most popular air purifiers on the market now.

Home automation

Home automation or domotics is building automation for a home, called a smart home or smart house. ...
A home automation system will control lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances. ...
It may also include home security such as access control and alarm systems. ...
When connected with the Internet, home devices are an important constituent of the Internet of Things. ...
A home automation system typically connects controlled devices to a central hub or gateway. ...
The user interface for control of the system uses either wall-mounted terminals, tablet or desktop computers, a mobile phone application, or a Web interface, that may also be accessible off-site through the Internet. ...